Realizing the American Dream

Brick by brick, we transform communities—and lives.

Founded in 1975, as a non-for-profit organization to help create affordable housing in Chicago’s Latino neighborhoods, the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation now helps people across the Chicago area improve their lives—and achieve the American dream.

We build comfortable, affordable housing that people are proud to call home, that become a catalyst for economic prosperity and community growth. We build—and revitalize—neighborhoods, to provide a place for people of all ages. We create new housing, employment, and business opportunities and provide a socio-economic environment that helps communities flourish.

Our uniquely comprehensive approach helps to create and maintain healthy communities. And it has made us one of the largest and most effective community development organizations in the nation. Yet while HHDC has grown, our mission has always remained the same: to help people make a better life for themselves, their families, and their neighbors. That is where we begin.

Hipolito Roldan
Hispanic Housing Development Corporation

Marisa and Tony Moyet-Lugo
"Making my dream come true"

"My husband and I started looking for a home in the Humboldt Park community in 2002. We wanted a single-family home with a backyard for our children. Everything was getting very expensive at that time, and we were getting very discouraged. view more